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-Producer - Collaborator - Manager -

RnB & HipHop music has been part of the soul of Jey Blaq (Founder & Producer of VestEd!Music) since his days as a youth.  With influences ranging from Nate King Cole and Bob Marley as child... Jodeci, BoyzIIMen, Jagged Edge as a young adult... rubbing shoulders with producers Rudy M, Anthony President & Brainz Dimilo in his hometown... paying attention to producers such as Timbaland, The Neptunes, Tim & Bob and Ryan Leslie,  ... (along with expanding his listening interests to liquid dub & trap, chillstep and garage)... Jey has a well rounded sense of the vibes of today and yesteryear.

​Jey has (following a 5 year hiatus to start a family), reconnected with his love of musical creation. Captivated by the details in music and sound recording, Jey has developed a connection between the creation of sound and capturing it for future consumption, believing that music unlocks emotional pathways which creates and enhances ones memories.

VestEd!Music was spawned by the desire to connect with & and inVest young musical creators throughout the Edmonton region. Growing up in #YEG, prior to the days of the internet and global social media connections, Jey did not have as many opportunities to liaise with co-creators to help push his musical dream to the next level... therefore he now finds it important to give back to the community that he still calls home today. 

Recently Jey linked up with the talented hiphop lyricist "Lady Saint" as her mgr/mentor. Look out for more on this fantastic artist in the near future.

Bringing his brand of rnb/hiphop, (which he has dubbed as "Ambiesoul") and working with some incredible up & coming talents (both on the local and international stage) Jey looks forward share his music with you all!

"Music unlocks emotion...and creates memories" - VestEd!Music

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